MIK SIDE (Studs) wins first award

MIK SIDE is the latest innovation from the MIK brand and stands for Sideways Integration. MIK SIDE makes it possible to attach bags to the side of the carrier in addition to the MIK topdeck carrier.

After a successful introduction during the Eurobike in Frankfurt, a first award is now to follow, a Bicycle Award 2023! MIK SIDE received this Bicycle Award in the category Bicycle Innovation of the Year. The Bicycle Awards are presented annually to bicycles and innovative products that excel in quality, design, durability, and functionality with a contemporary, unique look.

That MIK SIDE is already embraced by the industry and receives the first nomination and award is fantastic. It made us realize that MIK – with all its innovations such as MIK HD and now MIK SIDE – proofs to be of added value for consumers and the industry,” said Sven Willem, Senior Account Manager at MIK.

More accessories can be carried with MIK SIDE

MIK SIDE can be combined with the MIK topdeck. This makes it possible to mount accessories on the topdeck as well as on the side of the carrier. At the same time. With MIK SIDE, you choose:

  • Accessories can be locked thanks to a lock and key.

  • Stable and strong. With MIK SIDE, accessories can be changed without damaging the carrier.

  • User-friendly. Accessories can be changed in 1 second. MIK, click, GO!

  • The backbone on a bag can be placed at an angle of 10 degrees to create more clearance for your heels.

First brands choose to use MIK SIDE

Similar to the MIK topdeck, MIK SIDE also has an integrated and aftermarket solution. MIK SIDE bags can be mounted on any bike with the MIK SIDE frame adapter plate. In addition, bicycle brands such as Canyon, Moustache, Orbea, and Qio have integrated MIK SIDE into their carriers. Several other bike manufacturers are including MIK SIDE in their new product development.