MIK HD – the child seat solution


Basil originally unveiled the revolutionary MIK system at Eurobike 2017. Now you can also take a look at the new child seat and accessory solution, MIK HD, which Basil will present at the upcoming Eurobike 2019.

MIK HD at a glance:

  • The child seat and accessory solution

  • MIK HD carriers are extra strong luggage carriers up to 30kg (EN 11243)

  • MIK HD adapter plate is an extra strong MIK plate designed with child seats in mind, with a reliable two-step safety device

  • Compatible with special Urban Iki child seats and Polisport child seats

  • Easy to swap out with all other MIK accessories, including bike bags and baskets

  • Simple and safe installation of child seats on the carrier of your favourite bicycle

Suitable for OEM luggage racks of top bicycle brands from model year 2020. Child seats are available at the wholesalers of Urban Iki and Polisport.

MIK is a revolutionary mounting system designed for use with carrier accessories. This new system from Basil and Massload opens up unprecedented possibilities for everyone, from cyclists to dealers, manufacturers to wholesalers. MIK is a cross-brand open-platform system with a very intuitive approach to operation. With the help of MIK, bicycle accessories can be swapped out at lightning speed. Manufacturers themselves are responsible for the design of their luggage racks, with the choice of several MIK extrusion profiles.

To develop a bicycle mounting system that will change the current market and become a worldwide standard. That was the mission statement for the development of the MIK (“Mounting is Key”) system. MIK is the result of collaboration between Basil, the bicycle accessories specialist, and Massload, the luggage carrier manufacturer. MIK itself is an independent brand.

Functionality of MIK-Systems

The functionality of the MIK system is not only simple, but also incredibly effective. Among the MIK accessory portfolio is an adapter plate which can be latched into the MIK extrusion profiles by the cyclist themselves. The result is a unique sense of stability when transporting objects, with an extraordinary proficiency when it comes to exchanging accessories.

Open Platform

MIK offers unprecedented opportunities for cyclists, dealers, manufacturers and wholesalers. As an open platform system, MIK is compatible with accessories from various brands. Cyclists can now exchange accessories in record time. Bicycle bags, baskets, pet baskets – all can be snapped onto the luggage carrier in a mere moment. With MIK HD, child seats now join the list of compatible accessories.

Suitable for rental

A cross-brand system is also ideal for dealers. Thanks to the detachable operating button, accessories are not easy to remote without permission. MIK is also open when it comes to manufacturers. The shape of their luggage carriers is not restricted with this system. The fact that manufacturers can choose from more than one type of fitting profile increases the aesthetic range of rental bicycles. A clan and integrated look is a welcome result.

Top brands choose MIK

The MIK system was introduced at Eurobike 2017. Top brands including Ghost and Riese & Müller immediately decided to integrate the system into their luggage racks. The first bicycles with MIK profiles were launched as early as 2018. Since then, more top brands including Gazelle, Sparta, Batavus, Lapierre, Norta, Oxford, Thompson, Victoria, Contec, Giant, Qwik, Trek, Winora, Moustache, Scool, Diamant and BESV have all decided to integrate the system into their luggage racks.


The accessories market has also been considered. With the separate MIK-Carrier plate, almost all carriers are suitable for MIK accessories. Basil already has no less than 54 MIK compatible products in its collection.

Eurobike Exhibition

At Eurobike 2019, the system will be presented at the stands of Massload, Polisport, Urban Iki and Basil (Hall A4/A4-206). Massload luggage racks and MIK-compatible products from Basil will also be on display. The MIK founders will be present to answer questions and provide additional insights.