MIK sets the standard in innovative mounting systems

Summer is finally here, bringing us longer days and the promise of better weather. For many people, this means that they will once again frequently opt to ride their bicycles. But do their bikes and accessories still meet consumers’ needs? Your cycling pleasure is guaranteed with the revolutionary MIK and MIK HD system!

Revolutionary and innovative MIK and MIK HD system

MIK (Mounting is Key) is a revolutionary system designed in collaboration with Massload and the input from various bicycle manufacturers. The MIK system allows you to quickly and easily attach accessories to the bike’s luggage carrier. The click system makes it easy to change the bike’s accessories within seconds. Are you switching from bicycle bags to a bicycle basket? With the innovative MIK system, this is no longer a problem. In part thanks to the collaboration between various specialists, the MIK system was successful right from the start. The industry has embraced the system because of the combination of impressive innovation and strong partnerships.

MIK HD; strong and safe

Since 2019, an extra safe and strong variant of the MIK system is also available: the MIK HD (Heavy Duty). With the introduction of MIK HD and the standard accessories, it is now possible to click bicycle seats onto the luggage carrier safely and easily. MIK HD is a two-part system:

  • The MIK HD luggage carrier. This is an extra-strong carrier that can carry a weight of up to 27 kg.

  • The MIK HD adapter plate. This plate is pre-mounted under the bicycle seat and is, due to safety concerns, not sold separately. Thanks to this MIK HD adapter plate, the bicycle seat can be easily clicked onto the MIK HD carrier with a double lock.

During the development of MIK HD, we not only considered how to make attaching bike seats as easily as possible for parents. Obviously, the safety of the child is paramount. MIK HD has been tested according to stringent safety requirements. The renowned German testing institute TÜV Rheinland tested MIK HD in combination with many different bicycle seats and approved it according to the EN 11243 safety standards. This makes MIK HD the only system in the world where the combination of a luggage carrier and bicycle seat was tested together. This ensures that with MIK HD, you are equipped with a thoroughly tested safe system; hence, you will not have to choose between safety and convenience.

More and more brands are joining

MIK is an open platform system, and this means that any brand can join this system and develop products for it. More and more bicycle brands are choosing to do so, and there are now more than 50 connected bicycle brands. This results in an increasingly larger choice of bicycles and matching accessories.

Specialized chooses MIK

Mattia Berardi, Category Leader Active

“We decided to partner with MIK on our carrier systems, because they offer the best of all worlds when it comes to carry gear or (small) people on bikes. MIK checks all the boxes; a user focus design enabling intuitive functioning, versatility of the system allowing for a tailored experience for each rider, integrated design driving aesthetic excellence and high payload to carry children.

“We could not find any other partner with a better solution to help our riders do all the things they need to do on their bikes. Additionally, our partnership is very open and we constantly work together on potential future solutions, which gives me confidence in thinking that this partnership will keep delivering amazing products to our riders for the foreseeable future.”

Click and enjoy with MIK HD

More and more bicycle seat manufacturers are adopting the MIK HD system because it is uniquely safe and practical. The native Dutch brand Bobike recently launched the Bobike GO MIK HD, which comes in 5 different colors. For Bobike, safely cycling with your child is the top priority, so working with MIK HD was a logical choice.

MIK is the benchmark in mounting systems

It should be clear that the choice for MIK and MIK HD is a good one based on quality, safety, and user-friendliness. MIK will continue to innovate and enter into more partnerships to develop safe and user-friendly solutions that will motivate people to use their bicycles more frequently.

Interested in MIK or MIK HD?

Please contact Sven Willems, Senior Accountmanager OEM and MIK

s.willems@basil.nl or call (+0031) 6 23049873