Press release MIK

Basil and Massload launch a revolutionary interface system for bicycle accessories on rear (luggage) carrier rack

MIK is a revolutionary interface system that allows you to mount accessories onto the rear (luggage) carrier rack. The new system developed by Basil and Massload provides a great diversity for all involved: cyclists, retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers. MIK has been designed as a cross-brand compatibility open platform with a very intuitive way of attaching to the rear (luggage) carrier rack. Because of MIK bicycle accessories can be exchanged in the blink of an eye. The piece de resistance is the fact that (bicycle) manufacturers are free in their design of rear (luggage) carrier racks and will have the ability to choose from multiple MIK extrusion profiles.

To develop an interface system for bicycle accessories that will radically change the market nowadays and will become a worldwide standard: that has been the goal when MIK (Mounting Is Key) was developed. MIK originates from a collaboration between bicycle accessories manufacturer Basil and luggage carrier manufacturer Massload. MIK will be a separate brand and company.

Operating the MIK-system

The operation of the MIK system is as ingenious as it is simple. Below the MIK accessories (bicycle bags, trunkbags and multisystem baskets) an adapater plate is mounted. This adapter plate is being clicked into the MIK extrusion profiles by the cyclist. The result: a simple yet stable way of transporting your gear and to exchange bicycle accessories in a way unprecedented for the industry until now.

Open platform

MIK offers cyclist, retailers, manufacturers and wholesalers with a great variety of options. As MIK has been designed to work as an open platform it is compatible with bicycle accessories of all different brand of bicycle accessories. Cyclist are able to change their bicycle accessories (from bicycle bag to basket to trunkbag) in seconds. Bicycle bag, bicycle basket, dog basket: it only takes a second to click them onto the MIK rear carrier rack.

Perfect for leasing

For retailers the cross-brand compatability offers lots of opportunities. Thanks to the integrated key the bicycle accessories are protected against the occasional theft and therefore suitable for leasing. For bicycle manufacturers MIK is “open”: they have the freedom to design rear carrier racks to their own liking. Because of the fact that bicycle manufacturers are given the choice of multiple MIK extrusion profiles the esthetic look of the bicycles will be improved: a “clean and integrated look” will be the result.

Topbrands select MIK

March 2017 saw the soft launch of the MIK-system in Taipei. Topbrands such as Ghost and Riese & Müller have decided to integrate the MIK-system in their carrier racks. The first bicycles with MIK-extrusion profiles will be available in 2018 – a year sooner as planned.


MIK also provides aftermarket solutions. By means of the MIK carrier plate virtually all rear carrier racks are compatible with MIK accessories. Basil has 31 MIK compatible products in the 2018 collection. The German bicycle accessories manufacturer Haberland will launch a number MIK compatible products onto the market. Within short term notice the names of renown bicycle accessories manufacturers will be announced that will produce MIK compatible products.


At Eurobike 2017 the system will be presented to the bicycle industry and the general public. This includes the carrier racks from Massload (booth A3-617) and the MIK compatible products from Basil (booth A4-404). The founders of MIK will be more than happy to address any questions and to provide detailed information.